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Why People Need a 24 hour locksmith in Chicago

Why People Need a 24 hour locksmith in Chicago Posted on November 21, 2019

Why do things always seem to go wrong outside of traditional business hours? While it might be hard to explain in other scenarios, it is easy to understand why someone would need a 24 hour locksmith in Chicago. Commuting, errands and social activities are normally outside of business hours. Therefore, people tend to lock and unlock their cars and homes more often in those hours. This means that if someone needs an emergency locksmith, the need is likely to occur outside of traditional business hours.

What Kind of Emergencies Do Locksmiths Handle?

Locksmiths are called in several different emergency scenarios. What differentiates an emergency from a regular locksmith scenario tends to be the urgency of the need, which means that most emergencies involve some type of lockout scenario.

  • Locked Keys in House: If the keys are locked in the house, then an emergency locksmith can come and unlock the door. Doing so should not cause damage to the lock, so it might be the only service needed.
  • Lost Keys to the House: If keys have been lost, the locksmith needs to let the homeowner into the house. If there are replacement keys, the locksmith may make copies. The locksmith can also make a key to the lock. If the keys have identifying information, then the locksmith may need to rekey the locks for safety.
  • Stolen Keys: If keys have been stolen, then the victim must assume the thief will try to use them to access the home or car. The locks should be rekeyed or replaced, and the homeowner should consider whether additional emergency measures are needed.
  • Locked Keys in Car: If keys have been locked in a car, then a locksmith can pop the lock.
  • Baby or Pet Locked in Car: If a baby or a pet has been locked in a car, then it is important to get help immediately, especially in hot temperatures. In these scenarios, it is important to call 911 for emergency services. A nearby first responder may be able to arrive on the scene before an emergency locksmith. If there are two phones available, a second person could also call a 24 hour locksmith in Chicago and request immediate dispatch.

Call the Pros

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