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Will My Child Support Obligation Be Reduced If I Have Another Child?

Will My Child Support Obligation Be Reduced If I Have Another Child? Posted on November 12, 2019

According to Maryland law, both parents are obligated to financially support their children. Support amounts are determined based on multiple factors, including the parents’ income and the number of kids being supported. So, what will happen if either parent has a child with a different partner? In Maryland, it won’t have an effect on an existing child support order unless the new family separates and support is requested. Here, you’ll learn which situations warrant a support modification.

Custody Changes
If a non-custodial parent receives more custody, their support requirement may be diminished. This often happens with older kids who finally get a say about which parent they prefer to live with.

Income Loss
When a non-custodial parent loses his or her job and it’s not their fault, they may request a reduction in support because they have less money to pay their expenses. However, a parent who voluntarily leaves their job is unlikely to see a reduction. Child support lawyers in the area can provide case-specific details.

Increases in a Custodial Parent’s Income
If a custodial parent sees a substantial income increase through an inheritance or a raise, the other parent may request a child support reduction. Income changes are re-calculated according to Maryland’s Child Support Guidelines.

Requesting a Modification of an Existing Maryland Child Support Order
In the state of Maryland, either parent may file a motion for modification of a child support order until the child is emancipated or reaches the age of majority (18). There’s no required waiting period before filing such a motion. Modification motions can be filed by either parent at any time. To request a modification, you’ll need to show evidence of a material change in circumstances since the previous order was signed. To ensure that your children get the support to which they’re entitled, and to ensure that you are treated fairly by the courts, it’s best to have child support lawyers on your side. Call the Law Offices of Sandra Guzman-Salvado to schedule a consultation for more details.

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