Perception and How a Personal Injury Lawyer in Tucson Navigates a Dog Bite

There is a whole lot of baggage involved in a dog bite incident. There is no denying that dogs are man’s best friend and they are well-deserving of the protection the law provides them. The vast majority of the time (essentially, every time), dogs are senseless victims to the demands and the influences of people. This very reality makes a dog bite an especially touchy area of law. How does a personal injury lawyer in Tucson navigate these troubled waters? Is there a way to use the perception of dogs as lovable and universally adored as an application in a lawsuit?

The “Opponent” Is Not the Dog; It’s the Owner

A terrible and all-too-common consequence of a vicious dog bite is that the dog is put down. There are various laws in the United States that vary by state. Typically, a dog that commits two acts of violence against a person is put down. Unfortunately, this does not leave a lot of wiggle room. The lawyer will steadfastly steer the conversation away from this common consequence and towards the negligence of the owner. A lawyer may even debate the need to put a dog down if they build an argument on negligence. This could play to the advantage of a human victim who was bit by arguing that if the dog was not put down, the settlement might be favorable for them. The dog does not need to be put down if there is a basis of negligence involved with its owner. This is an essential argument for a personal injury lawyer in Tucson protecting their client.

Playing Perception

A lawyer will use this perception as a powerful tool. A dog owner who was negligent is considered unacceptable. It makes a person appear especially bad because of the involvement of the dog. A lawyer will emphasize their failings compared to the animal victim to emphasize the value and importance of protecting animals.

The duality makes for an especially poignant argument in the court of law. Contact the PRICE & PRICE Law team for an assessment of a potential lawsuit. For more information, visit the team’s website.

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