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4 Site Mistakes that Drive Your Customers Away

4 Site Mistakes that Drive Your Customers Away Posted on April 14, 2016

Putting up a restaurant site is one way to increase your customers. So why isn’t your customer base growing? If your website is riddled with blunders, that can be one reason why your site isn’t improving your revenue the way it should. Here are some common mistakes most restaurant websites make that drive customers away:

Too convoluted of a design

A lot of restaurant owners make the mistake of thinking their site has to contain every single thing about their restaurant. That’s not a great way to get customers to give your restaurant a chance. If the site is bogged down with too many details, it could easily turn off customers who don’t have the patience or fortitude to stay with your site till the last page. What you could do, instead, is to hire professional website design for restaurants. That way, you know you can count on experts to give you the kind of site you and your customers will love.

Few quality images

Restaurants are all about food. That’s why it’s always better to have your menu and best-selling dishes up on the site as possible, says Small Business Trends. It’s an excellent way to encourage first time visitors to your site to pay your restaurant a personal visit. If your photos are compelling enough, if they show your dishes in the best possible light, if the food seems so scrumptious that they’ll melt and dissolve at the first bite, then expect customers to go knocking on your door in droves.

Not mobile-friendly

The rise of mobile internet use means more people are going online using their mobile devices to surf the net, check their emails and more. So if you aren’t optimizing your site for mobile, then that’s going to drive potential customers away. Don’t let yourself miss out on a huge market. Turn your site mobile-friendly to ensure you get to reach out to all your customers.

Not putting up essential information

Make sure you’ve got your address and phone or delivery numbers up on the site in a way that’s easy to spot. Your customers are going to look for these details first thing so don’t make them work too hard in finding them.

Site mistakes can compromise your business in a bad way. So fix your site up with these tips and build a site that customers will happily keep coming back to.

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