5 Tips for Finding and Keeping the Perfect Hair Salon

by | Apr 15, 2016 | Health

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Looking for a great salon is a much more personal undertaking than most people think. After all, you’re looking for people who are going to help you look and feel good. It’s only right that you find the best one for you.

1. Ask around. Chances are, someone you in your network already knows a few of the best hair salons in Mission Viejo. By asking around, you can get firsthand feedback on the salon’s treatment, facilities, staff and services. That way, you aren’t going in blind. You know what to expect.
2. Use honey instead of vinegar. Be polite. Be charming. If you’ve finally found a great salon for those hair extensions, make sure you get on the good side of the staff. By being charming, you might be able to net a last minute appointment that would’ve been impossible to snag otherwise.
3. Be flexible when you get in late for an appointment, says abc News. Don’t expect the salon to provide you with the full treatment. That’s because they work on a schedule and if you’re late, you’re going to set them back—along with all the other appointments they have for that day. That’s going to be bad for their business, so be flexible. That, or make sure you never come in late in the first place!
4. Be realistic. Don’t set up impossible expectations. If you want to dye your hair black, when you’ve gone with platinum blonde for years. Making drastic changes to your look may take more than a single visit to accomplish. Your hairdresser isn’t extending the visits to milk you for more cash; they’re doing this to ensure your hair stays strong and healthy throughout the sessions.
5. Talk to your hair stylist. One of the most common sources of mistakes and misunderstandings is the lack of clear communication between you and your hairdresser. So reach out and make sure they understand what you want. Go in with a photo of the hairstyle you want, if you have a tough time explaining yourself or what kind of style you prefer. This should help your hairdresser understand what results you want and expect.

Looking for the right salon for your hair is like looking for a newfound friend. They can be tough to find. But once you do, and once you see the results, you’ll never want to settle for substandard salons again.

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