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5 Ways to Find a Hair Stylist You’ll Love

5 Ways to Find a Hair Stylist You’ll Love Posted on June 29, 2017

Boring, dull hair affects the way people perceive you. If you’re ready to break out of a boring “hair rut,” here’s how to find a hair stylist in Houston TX you’ll love:

Ask around

There are nothing like referrals, word-of-mouth suggestions and other helpful tips to assist you in finding the perfect stylist. Reach out to friends and family. They should have a name or two for you. However, keep in mind that different people have different needs so it’s okay if their choice of a stylist doesn’t work out for you.

Check out the team

What kind of team does the salon have? If the place is new and there’s only one stylist on board, better to look for other options. Otherwise, you could end up with less than stellar results.

Do a bit of research

Go online and check for negative reviews or feedback, says InStyle. That should be easy enough to do. If you come across several customer complaints, then you’ll know enough to steer clear of those options, making it easier for you to filter your choices.

Make an appointment

Give it a try. Go with a friend and turn it into a fun-filled spa date. If you get great results, you’ll know where to go the next time you need to have your hair fixed.

Ask about their cancellation policy

If you’re canceling the appointment, some salons prefer that you send notice a day or at least 8 hours before. Know what kind of policy the salon has. Some charge about 50 percent of the fee if you don’t notify them on time so be sure to do so to avoid paying any extra.

Look for comfort and fit

Find a hair stylist in Houston TX who knows how to listen, someone who can put you at ease. That’s the kind of stylist you can come back to for many, many years.

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