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What to Look for in a Used Car

What to Look for in a Used Car Posted on June 29, 2017

You’ve decided to buy a used car, and now you’re out shopping. The dealer claims that the car you’re looking at has never been in any accidents or floods and that all of the parts are operational. You can’t always take the dealer by his word, so how can you be sure if the car you’re getting is reliable? Here are some tips on what to look for in a used car.


Whether you’re at a used Chevy dealership in Oak Forest or another city, find out what region the vehicle itself is from. Cars in New England get a lot of salt kicked up from the roads in the winter, so they’re undercarriages can rust if not properly cleaned. Sea salt in the air corrodes parts of cars from coastal areas. Sunny, hot places like Florida beat down sun on cars and dry out or crack plastic seals and interiors.

Knowing where a car has been can inform what you should look for. A properly cared for car shouldn’t have the issues. If these issues are present, that’s a sign that previous owners probably didn’t take good care of the car overall.

Look Over

Thoroughly look over a car even after a dealer assures you it’s fine. Check the body for rust. Open the trunk and check the liner for water damage, which is a sign that the car has been in a flood. Take it for a test drive and listen carefully for concerning noises. If something about the car feels off, it probably is.

Professional Look Over

If a car is the right price and has passed your personal inspection, take it to a third-party mechanic for a professional inspection before you buy it. A professional mechanic can better tell if there’s anything concerning about the car, and can help steer your decision.

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