Baldor Electric Motors – Offering a Wide Range of Products for Industry Application

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The most important part of any industry is having the reliable and efficient equipment to complete operations consistently and safely. Leading motor manufacturers include Baldor electric motors. Louisiana area industries can benefit from using the reliable and quality Baldor motors to power their equipment. Baldor offers an assortment of industrial motors and accessories. With a broad stock of motors and other parts, Baldor has a variety of options to handle many industry applications.

Electric Motors and a Wide Assortment of Parts to Suit Industrial Applications
Offering over 10,000 stock industrial three-phase and single-phase AC motors, gear reducers, and drives, also offering driving options ranging from small amounts of horsepower up to 15,000 hp, Baldor Electric motors have multiple product options to suit industries such as bulk handling, petrochemical, aggregate and agricultural.

Motors can be customized as well, made with a streamlined manufacturing process to build custom motors in the proper quantity with time and efficiency in mind, to suit the company’s needs and keep operations moving. This allows companies to design a motor that will suit their specific needs if they are unable to find a motor that meets their requirements within the array of available stock motors and other parts.

Benefits of Using Electric Motors to Operate Industrial Equipment
With almost 70% of energy usage being accounted for through drive motors, it is important to take energy consumption into consideration when choosing industrial motor. To reduce the cost of energy use, Baldor offers motors that help equipment maintain a longer life-span and also helps to reduce heat from the moving parts, to allow the machine to run cooler. By saving on energy costs, funds can be allocated to other parts of the company for more cost-effective solutions.

In addition to the motor lines being durable, Baldor motors are also known for their industrial engineering processes and rotating equipment system design. With superior design and durability, Baldor Electric motors are an asset to industrial equipment by extending equipment life and allowing for energy consumption and operation costs to be lowered compared to the other types of motors on the market.

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