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How an Accident Attorney Helps with Dog Attack Cases

How an Accident Attorney Helps with Dog Attack Cases Posted on July 9, 2019

In Michigan, dog attacks are often caused by a failure to maintain control of the animal. Some cities impose ordinances for restricting access to the public and keeping dogs from prowling around the neighborhood. An accident attorney in Grand Rapids, MI can help victims of dog attacks collect compensation for their injuries and financial losses.

File Report with Animal Control

Filing a report with animal control helps victims create a paper trail of the attack. The animal control officer is required by law to take action any time a human is bitten by a dog. Several laws apply to dog attacks, and the officer must determine why the victim was attacked and by which dog.

Determine if the Dog has Rabies

The animal control officer interviews the dog owner about their animal. The first task is finding out if the dog was vaccinated. Any dog that wasn’t vaccinated has a chance of contracting the rabies virus. This virus is fatal for animals and requires fast treatment

Research Reports Related to the Dog

A previous history of attacks introduces a strict liability. A strict liability entitles the victim to tort awards. The owner faces a higher liability since they knew their dog had either a dangerous temperament or a history of attacking people. The victims receive the additional award and the monetary award for medical expenses and losses if they win the case.

Medical Evidence Needed for the Case

The medical records serve as evidence in the case. The files show a dog did attack the victim and explain what type of injuries they sustained. The victim must show that the dog attacked them and produced severe injuries.

In Michigan, dog attacks are caused by a failure to mitigate risks. Dog owners are required to use leashes when their dogs are outside or must place them in outdoor enclosures. If proper procedures are not followed, the probability of an attack increases significantly. After an attack, dog owners face more liabilities if they didn’t vaccinate their dog. Victims of dog attacks who need help can contact an accident attorney in Grand Rapids, MI through Bleakley Law Offices, P.C. right now.

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