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How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off At An Auto Repair Shop in Tempe AZ

How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off At An Auto Repair Shop in Tempe AZ Posted on July 9, 2019

Having auto troubles is not something that anyone looks forward to. There is always the dread of paying sky high repair fees or being told that the repair will cost more than the vehicle is worth. While there are many people out there who rightly fear being bilked of their hard-earned money, here are some tips on how to avoid scam shops and making sure the Auto Repair Shop in Tempe AZ is an honest one.

  • Before going anywhere, contact friends and family to hear what they have to say about shops in the area. If someone feels like they were ripped off when it comes to car repairs, they very likely were.

  • Write down everything that is known about the issue. Such things as what speed the problem seems to start, what noise does the car make, and does it happen when the car is moving, sitting still, or both will be very handy when discussing auto problems with the mechanic.

  • If the check engine light is on, take a trip to the local auto parts store. They will be more than happy to plug your car into their computer and give the auto owner a read-out of what the auto’s computer says the problem is.

  • Take the car to the chosen repair shop and have them plug it into their computer. If their answer does not match the answer that was given at the parts store, it is best to avoid that repair shop and take the auto elsewhere.

  • An Honest Auto Repair Shop in Tempe AZ will never talk in terms the customer does not understand and will make every effort to talk in “plain English.” If the mechanic seems to be talking in circles or purposefully confusing, take the vehicle elsewhere.

  • Always get a written estimate before work is performed. The shop is not legally allowed to charge more than the estimate states the cost will be. Any work above and beyond what is on the estimate must be cleared with the customer first.

Browse the website to see what services are offered and to see what hours of operation are kept. By following these tips, you won’t leave the shop feeling paranoid, just happy that the auto was fixed quickly and honestly.

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