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How IT Services Can Improve Your Recycling Rates

How IT Services Can Improve Your Recycling Rates Posted on March 8, 2017

When your favorite IT services in Napa visit your organization to service your copiers, printers and document management systems, they should, as part of their service, always assess how environmentally friendly your equipment and employees are and suggest ways you can improve your recycling to promote your brand with consistent modern values.

Too Many Laser Cartridges Go to Landfill

For every laser cartridge that is lazily sent to landfill, your organization could present and educate towards a more effective recycling procedure to help reduce the waste.

IT services in Napa will show you how to use your laser printers more effectively and efficiently, reducing the number of laser cartridges you need to purchase during the year and present an effective system which ensures that your cartridges will always go for recycling.

Laser and other cartridges form one of the fastest growing waste collections in the landfill during recent years. These cartridges can be reprocessed and recycled to be used again or broken down into their metal and plastic components so they can be used to produce new products.

The water and energy consumption is reduced as cartridges are recycled, compared to manufacturing them from new materials. This also vastly reduces the greenhouse gasses that would have been released into the atmosphere.

When you confirm your commitment to being environmentally friendly within and outside of your organization, your IT services company will help you by providing targeted equipment with recycling in mind, and they will offer help and advice to present your company as green friendly to your customers.

Part of the role of your IT services in Napa is to find ways that you can reduce your expenses, by using the more efficient equipment. It is not only the price you pay for the equipment originally that matters. You must be able to assess the cost of the equipment, servicing and cartridge stock over the life of your printers and copiers so that you can assess which is best for your business and best for the environment.

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