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Top Three Unique Office Supplies In Oahu

Top Three Unique Office Supplies In Oahu Posted on April 17, 2019

The phrase “office supplies” tends to evoke a fairly uninspiring image. Boxes of printer ink, reams of paper, and stacks of desk trays don’t ignite the imagination. However, not all office supplies in Oahu are boring. There are many tools that can make everyday office work more fun and more interesting. The following are the top three tools that stand out from the crowd.

Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps have been around for more than a hundred years, and they’re still in use in modern offices. Stamps can mark any paper with important information, such as a date, a warning, or an instruction. While it’s easy to find pre-designed stamps with common words and phrases, it’s more interesting to design unique stamps with a personal message, name, or symbol. In addition to the traditional style of the stamp that comes with an ink pad, it’s also possible to get self-inking stamps.

Pen Scanners

The pen scanner is such a recent innovation that they’re not yet very common. This fact alone makes them a unique and interesting type of office supply. Similar to a writing pen in shape and size, these little devices can scan any printed text and convert it to digital text that can be entered into a document or other computer application. A pen scanner can do a better job than a human of transferring numerals into a spreadsheet or database because it won’t make mistakes.

Task Timers

The round, red tomato timer is probably the most well-known of this type of gadget. These personal timers operate like kitchen timers, and they can help workers focus on a single task for a certain period. For most people, productivity and work quality go down the longer they work on a task, and their best work is done in the first 15 or 20 minutes. By setting a timer for 20 minutes, workers are motivated to maximize their productivity for that period.

These three tools are examples of office supplies that can be fun to shop for and use, but they are just the beginning. Visit us to learn more about interesting and creative office supplies in Oahu.

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