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Signs that it’s Time to have a New Car Key Made

Signs that it’s Time to have a New Car Key Made Posted on June 12, 2018

People often don’t realize that their car keys can get warn down over time until they no longer work. A bent key can also cause issues. If you notice your key getting sticky, hard to insert or pull out, these are signs that you might want to call a quality car locksmith in Sacramento, in order to have new car keys made. If you aren’t sure when it’s time to get a new car key, read on below for a few of the top signs.

Car Key is Worn

If the ridges of your car key look like they have been worn down, it is time to call a car locksmith in Sacramento to get a new set of keys made. Keys that are worn out will, in the long run stop locking and unlocking your car. This could leave you stranding you at some point in an inconvenient time or even dangerous place.

The Key is Broken

If your key has broken off into the lock, then it is definitely time to call on the expertise of a car locksmith. This is an obvious one.

You Share a Car with Someone Else or Want a Backup Key

You never want to have only one working key for your vehicle. If it stops working or you lose it, you are out of luck. If you share a car with a family member or roommate you definitely should have one key each. Call a locksmith to get an extra key made is the best solution to this problem. They are often less expensive than going through the dealership, if that is even an option for your vehicle.

For more information on having a new key made and how to find a car locksmith in Sacramento, contact the professionals at NH Folsom Lock and Key for help.

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