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Understanding the Different Types of Car Tint

Understanding the Different Types of Car Tint Posted on March 28, 2016

Tinting your car windows will give your car a customized look as well as protect the interiors from damage due to exposure to UV rays. If you are looking for car tinting Jacksonville FL services, ensure that you hire an expert who has an in-depth understanding of the various tints and how each should be installed.
Here is a brief description of the common types of tints that you can use to enhance your car’s look.

Dyed Window Film
If you are looking for a tint that will make the windows dark, this is an ideal option for you. A layer of a special dye is applied between the adhesive layer and the polyester top coating that prevents UV rays from penetrating. The top coating not only blocks light but also prevents scratches and nicks. In addition, this type of film does not block radio waves, so it will not compromise functioning of the in-glass antenna.

Metalized Window Film
Unlike the dyed window film, this one has four distinct layers that effectively reflect heat and darken car windows. The base layer is an adhesive that sticks to the window glass. It is followed by a special layer of film that blocks the UV radiation and a top metalized layer that is designed to reflect sunrays. The top layer is a protective film that prevents scratches. Most clients looking for car tinting Jacksonville FL prefer it because it offers high UV rays protection, do not fade, and can last for years.

Hybrid Tinting Film
As the name suggests, this is an advanced tint that is tailored to offer the benefits of both metalized and dyed films. Just like the metalized window film, this one has four layers that are strongly bonded together using a laminating adhesive. The reflective metalized layer helps to block heat, UV rays, and glare. One of the benefits is that it does not interfere with radio and cell phone signals because it has less metal content.

Ceramic Film
This is one of the most recent car tinting option in the market. It comprises of an adhesive layer, a thin ceramic layer, and a top coat that prevent scratches. It will not only darken your car windows but also block up to 50% light and reflect heat. It is not prone to fading and offers protection against light glare and UV rays.
It is imperative to consider the pros and cons associated with each of these films to choose the best.

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