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What is the Best Dog Food for Puppies?

What is the Best Dog Food for Puppies? Posted on August 9, 2017

You wouldn’t feed a human baby adult food. So why would you feed a puppy adult dog food? Puppy food is not a scam; puppies actually have different nutritional needs as they have growing brains and bodies. Feeding puppies the right kind of food will help sustain a healthy physical and cognitive development, improve their health, and prevent them from developing health problems. Popular puppy food brands include Now! for Puppies, Orijen Puppy, and Earthborn Puppy Vantage. All of these are good brands because they provide dense nutrition for puppies. Puppies need a higher ratio of fat and protein to carbohydrates. They also need a relatively high amount of vitamins and minerals, and each of these popular brands are fortified especially for puppies.

A puppy’s dietary needs vary depending on the breed and size of the dog. Therefore, different puppy food brands will sometimes list the breeds that their products work best with, and will also recommend portion sizes based on the weight and energy level of the dog. To prevent your puppy from developing bad eating habits, feeding the puppy good, nutritious food in judicious portions will help in the long run. Just as feeding young children good and nutritious food from a young age helps them to appreciate good food and eating habits later, a puppy learns to associate healthy food with feeing good.

Puppy food can also include raw meats and raw food products. However, puppy food formulas are generally better for the bulk of the puppy’s diet because they contain a balanced proportion of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. An ethical pet supply store can help you learn how to make your own healthy raw puppy food at home, which you can then use to supplement the bulk puppy food for a special treat.

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